Wayne Edgeloe

Urban Development Leader

Meet Wayne

  • Began his career as a cadet engineer with the Public Works Department in Western Australia
  • Takes the attitude of no problem being too hard to solve
  • Aims to live “life to its fullest”
  • Is a dedicated family man with a love for travel

As Executive General Manager, Wayne is looking forward to the challenge of finding and growing opportunities with the Calibre team in Western Australia as the market becomes increasingly optimistic.

Wayne has over 33 years’ experience in state and local government agencies and in private engineering consultancies, covering a wide range of civil infrastructure, mining and land development projects.

He is particularly invested in the field of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) where he aims to continually improve and innovate as his team implements the various methods and technologies into their developments.

“I thrive on the challenge of dealing with complex projects and issues and the opportunity to innovate and develop simple solutions to complex problems. Often you just need to step back, take stock of the facts, and approach from a different perspective.”

As a leader, Wayne strives to lead by example and to share his passion and enthusiasm with others.

“I enjoy networking with the wide range of people we have at Calibre and appreciating their diverse interests and skills. As a business, we’ve worked on many fantastic projects and I like to hear about those and share that knowledge with my staff.

“I’m always inspired by passionate and energetic people, particularly those that are willing to venture into new areas trusting their own skills and expertise.”

The Calibre value ‘passion’ strikes a strong chord with Wayne, who is passionate both in the way he embraces life generally and how he approaches his work.

“There is so much enjoyment to be gained through doing great work, and the passion that goes with it becomes self-fulfilling.”

Outside of Calibre, Wayne’s passion is travel and seeing and experiencing as many new places and cultures as he can with his wife and family.

“I’ve been able to share many wonderful experiences with my family and for that opportunity I have been very fortunate.” 

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