Hail Creek Village Mining Camp

Hail Creek Coal

Hail Creek, Queensland, Australia

Hail Creek Village is located approximately 2.5km south-west of the Hail Creek Mine, approximately 100km south-west of Mackay and within the Isaac Regional Council Area. To cater for an increase in mining employees, Hail Creek Coal engaged us to upgrade the Hail Creek Village mining camp from 97 beds to 1,207 beds.

Hail Creek

Existing infrastructure was also upgraded to cater for the new increase in residents, including:

  • Realignment of existing road in immediate south of the village to follow a more direct route
  • New sealed ring access pathway to assist the movement of housekeeping services
  • Re-line marking of existing carpark was, and
  • New bus set down area.

Services were upgraded as required to adequately service the new sections of the village.

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