Gracetown Townsite Expansion


Gracetown, Western Australia, Australia

In addition to providing town planning and urban design services, our team delivered a communications and consultations strategy that was significant in gaining conditional local support for the Gracetown expansion. In particular, the local and broader community wished to see integration between the old and new town features and to maintain the essential values of the nearby Leeuwin Naturaliste Ridge National Park.

Calibre achieved a complex coordinated outcome across planning, infrastructure, landscape and community expectations to produce a plan that was well-received by the client and local community. Integration between the townsite expansion and the existing settlement was achieved by defining urban development standards that ensures a consistent architectural reference across both sites and an integrated open space.

The steep slopes on the site and visual amenity of the Leeuwin Naturaliste Ridge required careful attention to visual impacts of development and location of buildings and infrastructure. Our team provided an innovative layout which minimised road construction and maximised open space linkages and community open spaces. The plan also resolved infrastructure issues faced by the existing townsite.


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