Former Junction Hotel

Knightsbridge Estates

Rangiora, North Canterbury, New Zealand

Originally constructed in 1880, the former Junction Hotel is a heritage icon in High Street, Rangiora. The building, now Robbie’s Restaurant, was moderately damaged by the Christchurch earthquakes, however the general condition of the bricks and mortar was poor.

Former Junction Hotel


Our team undertook post-earthquake inspections and carry out detailed seismic assessments of the building. Following these assessments, we provided advice and detailed design to retain the historic unreinforced masonry façade. This involved liaison with Heritage New Zealand, the heritage architect and the Waimakariri District Council regarding resource consent and planning matters.

The council required High Street to be re-opened in a timely manner. To achieve this, our team devised an innovative approach to secure the front façade while the back of the building was demolished. This involved securing the stonework with stainless steel threaded rod, securing the masonry façade with Shotcrete and providing temporary steel bracing and concrete foundations for overall stability.

By retaining the existing façade the greatest heritage features could be preserved for future generations, while allowing new development of the site. Further, strengthening of the façade and demolition of the rest of the building removed a significant ‘earthquake-prone’ hazard that threatened the main street of Rangiora and those in and around the building.

Our team worked with the contractor to deliver a staged installation of the concrete skin wall and steel braces and to disconnect the façade from the rest of the building. The work was completed in a safe and cost-effective manner using the existing structure as much as possible. With the façade secured, the land can now be fully utilised to provide an outstanding result for Rangiora.


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